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Paper Wrestler - Professional Wrestling meets strategy/simulation. Compete in a living universe of NPCs and players in text-based matches with announcers. Over 500 moves, 20+pay per views, real schedules and more. Free to play. [Details]

Stablewars - This is not an E-Fed! Featuring three pick'em style fantasy wrestling games: Stablewars, Titlewars and Play-Per-View [Details]

Virtual Online Wrestling - A free open-ended, browser based, wrestling game. [Details]

Grey Dog Software - The official website for the makers of Total Extreme Wrestling and Wrestling Spirit. [Details]

Blood N' Gutz - Role playing wrestling game - play at home, online or both. [Details]

Fantasy Wrestling League (FWL) - It is basically like fantasy football, but for the WWE. All you have to do is pick a team of 5 wrestlers who you think will do well over the next few months. The better they do (more wins), the more points you get. At the end of the time period whoever has the most points, wins a prize, and its free to enter. [Details]

ShootClub - Established since July 2000 ShootClub is one of the premier fantasy wrestling games on the internet. It is a text-based wrestling role playing game (RPG) in which hundreds of players from all over the globe create their own made-up professional wrestlers and compete with each other in their many fantasy leagues. [Details]

The Wrestling Game - Create your own wrestler and train him to become World Champion on a wrestling browser game online! [Details]

Masters of the Mat - Pro Wrestling MMORPG. Create wrestlers, tag team and federations. Play on multiple game servers. Free to join and play. [Details]

Wrestling Havoc - Wrestling Havoc is a new Wrestling based MMORPG. Create your own unique wrestler, decide their style, their gender, if their "Heel" or "Face", give them a Manager, fight against others, win titles and join a Federation. [Details]

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