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Talk Wrestling Online - Building an online wrestling community since June 2000. A UK based forum with friendly discussion on pro wrestling and almost everything else. [Details]

UK Fan Forum - The UK Fan Forum is a non-profitable site designed to act as an internet community for fans of pro wrestling who live in the UK, although welcoming wrestling fans from all over the world. [Details]

Wrestling Forums - The ultimate wrestling forums on the internet! Come and see what the hype is about! [Details]

Wrestlement - vBulletin forum offering more than wrestling. [Details]

Wrestling Desires - Forum with discussion, streams, babes, media and more. [Details]

Wrestling Clique - Pro wrestling forums with MMA and general topic forums like Entertainment and Video Games. [Details]

WWTalk Discussion Forum - Discuss WWE, TNA, MMA, and much more! [Details]

The Wrestling Talk - Forum for amateur wrestlers and fans. [Details]

3 Count Wrestling Forums - Offers a friendly laid back atmosphere, with bookie, arcade, leagues, shoutbox and more. [Details]

Da Wrestling Site - WWE Professional Wrestling reviews, discussion, recaps and other pop culture stuff. With TNA, ECW, Ring of Honor, Lucha Libre and more [Details]

TUP Wrestling Forum - Contains all the usual aspects from most wrestling forums without having to pay for extras like with some forums. [Details]

YouPosted Wrestling - Offers wrestling discussions plus their own Fantasy Wrestling Game. [Details]

Wrestling Revealed - An online wrestling magazine (and forum) that does not rely on the old "copy & paste" routine. [Details]

Wrestling Fusion - Discuss WWE, TNA and more. [Details]

Talk-Wrestling - A new UK based forum for all wrestling fans. No registration, e-mail or log in required, just visit the site, click on the 'Post Wrestling Talk' and enter your post. [Details]

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