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As is the crucible require endurance and tenacity, the more stimulated to conquer the spirit of the young. Therefore, these peaks are always the goal of attracting more young people to explore more. Pu Ta Leng mountain is located in Lai Chau province. With 3.049m elevation, Pu Ta Leng are considered "second roof of Indochina". This mountain belongs to the wilderness areas and most rugged Vietnam and tourists coming here will not need a visa for Vietnam to enter. It was for that reason the number of tourists coming to less than peak Phanxipang, seems to be very little. If you want to reach the peak, you should arrive in Lai Chau Ho Thau Commune, thanks to the local people in the cheese can lead the way to begin the journey. The first easy way to go because the road was flat, with lots of roadside wildflowers. The higher terrain as rugged but one thing that's interesting next challenge rocks climbers is quite beautiful landscapes with streams murmuring day and night, tourists can also stay at that base. Lung Cung Peak is located in Nam Co commune, Mu Cang Chai district, Yen Bai province. In order to conquer this mountain travelers who have the hardest time since the distance in Lung Cung village. Yet only about 20km from the center of communal forest road to get there but it took 2 hours due to the narrow and steep path winding. The further up the road as winding, twisty and slippery over. Even the fog limited visibility of tourists so if traveling in a group to stick together in order not to get lost. The distance you can see clearly only about 30 meters or less. This is a pretty interesting but not a high number of tourists because of relatively unspoiled and no safety guarantee for visitors. 

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