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TWOStars - Established in 2005 TWOStars is where role-plays do not win matches. Its a story based federation with original characters where they all work to make a weekly show and monthly PPV. [Details]

Extreme Revolution Entertainment - One of the best online e-feds there is... but you won't of heard of it unless you know someone who's in it. You see, ERE is situated on a private board, and they don't allow just anyone in. You will have to pass a big test to get in, and it doesn't stop there. You will be required to write promos and matches for your character, all booked by Deadman, aka Andrew Graham, the owner of the company. Think you're up to it, or are you too weak to try? Click the link and see what you need to do. [Details]

Empire State Wrestling - The ESW has been around since 2003 quietly marching through the rigors of everyday life. At the ESW you will find one show a week, Ultimate Mayhem every Tuesday night and a monthly PPV. 3 single titles, yearly tag team titles, year end awards and more. [Details]

WWS Trivia Fed - Opening in 2000, the WWS has had members from all 50 states and 9 countries. Members create their own characters, and square off against each other in weekly events, earning victories and eventually championships! The Website contains cards, results, complete title history, and a complete archive of all past events! [Details]

eFed Builder - Is the premier and only efedbuilding site of its kind on the net. Have your very own fully interactive efed online within hours of signing up. [Details]

Ulimate Elite Championship Wrestling (UECW) - Open since June 2008 UECW offers a active environment for efedders. [Details]

Extreme Wrestling Alliance (EWA) - For Ten Years, the Extreme Wrestling Alliance has been one of the longer standing E-Feds on the internet. From interactive storylines, to full detailed matches, to interactive chat sessions and for the last three years, a radio network, to provide updates on storylines & to interact with other members. [Details]

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